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    September 2, 2010
    5:00 - 6:00pm EDT  

home and beaten. police descended on a weekend home this morning. -- wheaton , midday today. police took evidence related to the standoff that the discovery building. a neighbor told him that he had never seen lee. >> if you was in that house, i would not have known it. >> at least one of his bombs have the potential to explode with enough power to kill. police also found two guns, a ski masks, and several batteries with james lee at the discovery building lobby. >> there were four devices. they were safely rendered and detonated. >> it was an emotional day today for employees of discovery communications. this woman came back to get her purse. she said that the mood inside was startling. >> some people are emotional.
>> knowing how affected workers might become a top executives called and all hands meeting in the building. someone in attendance soot -- sent us this photo of the a twitter. -- via twitter. >> he was the calming influence in that room. he helped with negotiations. >> again, the breaking news at this hour is that we learned that he was in possession of eight devices. they would not characterize how powerful they were, but he said they were devices. there were taken very, very seriously. the police chief says they want to make sure that mr. lee was acting alone here. they are still looking for the car he may have been operating yesterday just to make sure that
does not pose a danger to the community. they want to wrap up their clock -- investigation. >> thank you. we have learned that a news producer was able to make contact during that standoff. here is a snippet of that conversation. >> if you have a gun? >> i have a gun and i had a bomb. i have several bombs strapped to my body, ready to go off. >> the producer called the discovery building and james lee picked up the telephone. >> we are learning so much more about james lee. he was known for his strong beliefs on population control and his hatred for the camp -- the discovery channel program. we talked to a man who had coffee with james lee every day. >> even those who need it -- new
james daly very well said there was plenty that they did not know about him carry it they did not know where he lived or where he worked. -- they did not know where he lived or where he worked. he had an intense passion for environmentalism. in this home video, we get a glimpse of just to james j. lee was. holding the camera himself, here is lee debating with a friend. >> what guarantees do you have? faith is not much of a guarantee. >> almost daily, a small group would need at this border cafe and discuss world issues. he grew concerned whenever children were discussed. >> when someone walked in with babies, he would explode.
that was what was an easy for me. >> on is myspace page, lee expressed no desire for children. >> that is when i knew that this guy would do something bad. >> all of this leading up to that infamous moment, take two years ago when we began throwing money into the air in front of discovery channel headquarters, saying the company did not do enough to save the environment and what others to spread his message. >> he did seem a little unstable. >> lee paid chris turner to help with that week-long protest. he would give you a topic and have you go researched it. he would give you an hour to go look it up and write an essay. the best as they earned $800. many say his passion was too intense. even dangerous. lee, an atheist, had a heated
confrontation with this caveat -- evangelical on a city bus last week. >> on the bus, i was scared. he tore it to pieces. >> both men said that yesterday, they happen to see him. one getting on the bus, one already on the bus, with those two cardboard boxes that they say it may have contained the explosive. they were suspicious at the time, but they never thought he would pull anything like he did. >> . more on discovery communications. >> we are also attracting hurricane earl as it moves closer to the east coast. it has lost a little steam right now and is a category 3 storm at the moment.
beachgoers in north carolina are still packing up and getting out of town. the wind is starting to pick up. suzanne kennedy was live in north carolina at correcting curlews your way, suzanne. >> 35,000 people have left the outer banks act -- under a mandatory evacuation. we have seen the weather deteriorated from a sunny morning to 20 mile per hour winds. hurricane earl past 7 miles off the coast of north carolina. the churning waves of the atlantic grew dramatically as a hurricane earl bear down on the outer banks. few dared to enter the dangerous waters as lifeguards pulled their chairs off the beach to safety. >> everyone is pretty nervous. >> he is falling be mandatory
evacuation order. -- following the mandatory evacuation order. >> we are worried about the rain and storm. >> hurricane force winds are expected here over night as the category 3 storm moves through the mid-atlantic. >> every year, we have a storm that comes through here. >> property -- this property owner is boarding up. will stayarl offshore, but if not, he will be ready. >> the boarding up is just to ensure these jobs that no falling debris falls into it. >> some may choose to ignore evacuation orders and ride out the storm. >> if i had a house here or something that i was trying to protect, i might consider it. it was just a vacation and we
will pack it up and be back next year. >> a lot of people are disappointed by the way this week turned out. citizens here are under a voluntary evacuation. at some point today, we will tell you that you are on your age. we advise you to get out of this area. we are expecting around midnight tonight, wind gusts up to hurricane strength. you may see rainfall all parts of 2 inches and high tide will come through here at 2:40 this morning, the exact time that hurricane earl will be passing by. would like to out -- we want to go to ocean city, maryland. how are things looking? >> conditions in the water are
dangerous. the waves are so ferocious, as you can see behind me, the lifeguards have shut down the area there. our dicey situation is going to intensify between 5:00 a.m. and 1:00 p.m. on friday. we will be under a tropical storm warning. everything in ocean city, md., is moving at a much faster pace. >> it has been wild. it is scary. >> the approaching storm is not expected to reach have led to this popular vacation destination, but tropical storm winds have judy allen and her family packing up. >> it is cutting my vacation short. we have all these little kids who are up there crying. they do not want to leave. >> city crews are hustling to install sand blocking fences. high water signs are standing by. the mayor is a warning folks
tuesday it out of the water and off the road on friday. >> businesses will likely shut down while hurricane earl passes by. >> there is some concern and we will have to keep an eye on it. >> the approaching storm continued to create a recurrence. >> i was getting hammered by these waves. >> its struck hours before high tide. >> the way it came in and washed everything in. they refused to allow hurricane earl to dampen their hurricane did their holiday weekend. >> we are going to ride it out. >> officials are expected tomorrow -- a very high waves, possibly heavy rains, and very dangerous rip currents.
>> doug hill is tracking hurricane earl. how are things looking? >> the storm has weakened a bit during the afternoon, but it is a very large storm. the water will be the big story tomorrow on delaware beaches. the latest location is 200 miles south of cape hatteras, moving to the north. let me show you the warnings. they have not changed during the day. those are tropical storm warnings in effect for a maryland and delaware beaches. right now, i want to show you the wave heights. for 38 ft seized toward the center -- 38 foot seas toward
the center of the storm. take a look at north carolina. the wind are now 25 miles per hour. we will put it all together and tell you about the rest of the holiday weekend in just a few minutes. >> we will check back with you in just a little bit. you can get more on the path of the storm by going to it is deja vu in the gulf of mexico. an oil rig their exploited this afternoon. 13 people had to be evacuated and now there are reports of a mile long oil sheen in the water. >> believes the and the governor says there is contradictory information about whether or oil is already servicing on the ocean. it is still not clear why the raid exploded. -- rig exploded. unfortunately, all 13 on board
did survive with only one injured. the deepwater explosion had 11 dead and 17 injured. this break was not currently producing oil. -- rig was not producing oil. the critics are arguing that today's explosion proves the new rules for regulating offshore rigs have not been implemented quickly enough. coming up, the result of a federal investigation spread >> the d.c. mayor's race heats up. well what was meant to help mayor adrian fenty to climb back in the polls. >> i will take the hit. >> and a vest -- an investigation into one of the district's drug treatment programs.
are disturbing findings and where things stand now. >> fire threatens one of washington's most valued art
tonight, the art world is holding its breath and hoping
for the best. >> a devastating fire broke out in one of washington's most cherished museums. >> we are at the phillips collection at the scene of a very active cleanup seen going on after this morning's fire. museum officials are not saying much, but they have stated that none of their major works suffered severe damage they characterized this as a very close call. >> she grabs her camera when she saw flames burst from the roof. i saw the flames. i started crying. >> the fire started in the roof and was contained there. the phillips collection includes works from some of the great masters. >> they have famous paintings here where people come from all over the eight world to see.
>> of firefighters quickly that the fire under control, but not before it triggered a sprinkle grated sprinkler -- a sprinkler system. distraught museum workers gathered inside the north wing. some workers were too upset to speak about the potential loss. >> i cannot comment. >> investigators spent most of the day trying to find the source of the fire. museum officials released a statement saying they are evaluating the situation, but there was no significant damage. meanwhile, this process -- the prospect of even minor harm to a handful of works beloved by millions has a lot of people worried tonight. >> it was very upsetting. i have known about this cowdery since the 1970's. >> we do understand that some of the more valuable works have
been moved to the north wing. we also understand that the phillips collection is closed for the foreseeable future. here is a fish story that is hard to believe. a fisherman caught a shark in the potomac river. here are the photos of the shark. he caught this 8 foot, 300 pound bull shark on tuesday in southern the maryland. bull sharks are unique because they can tolerate fresh water. nobody can remember anyone has caught a short in the potomac river. >> might goodness. -- my goodness. that makes me a little bit uncomfortable. >> i spent a lot of years down there. let's get started on hurricane earl. i think this will all work out
nicely. let's get to it. beautiful day, we have some high, thin clouds. as far as temperatures, we are hot. it is starting to cool down on the coast. the wins will continue to increase their and the same story -- winds will continue to increase. these winds are going to ramp up very, very quickly. hurricane earl is just waiting to make a move would be concentrated wind around the center. the storm is the weakening. trust me, these wins will ramp up in a hurry even though it is expected later this evening to be downgraded to a category 2 storm. it will create a pounding waves, and very deadly rip tides.
the leading age of the real heavy rain will spread out over the our back -- the outer banks over the next several hours. we have hurricane watches and tropical storm warnings. a hurricane warning all -- up towards nantucket as well. we of coastal flood advisories. -- we have caused a flood advisories as well. that is the latest. you may not even know tomorrow most of our viewing area that there is a hurricane offshore. our weather will be very subtle. the bigger wave heights will actually affect the coast of massachusetts at a lot more than the mid atlantic beaches. the rainfall, that will be a
good 2-3 inches for the outer banks. maybe not a whole lot of rain at ocean city. 59th time this year we have topped 90 degrees. there is cold air waiting that we have to wait for hurricane earl to get out of here. that will happen tomorrow night. a cool front will come through. the weekend is going to be just fine. correcting our will be moving just east of ocean city tomorrow. check it out. hurricane earl will continue to be monitored ended little changed to the left could make conditions worse. we will keep on that. saturday and sunday, sunshine, 80. a little warmer on labor day.
>> hopefully, a hurricane earl will continue on the track. thank you. coming up, not getting enough sleep could be deadly for one specific group of people. >> fresh out of jail, ti and his wife get busted. we will tell you for what did >>
after years of anticipation, the national's suit and their new elephants exhibit is finally open to the public. >> i think it is good because i did not like the old place they had beat elephants. -- had the old elephants. >> it is a lot more natural looking. the elephants are going to have a good time. >> the exhibit is one of flexibility. elephants are able to wander between many of the different flight areas as they desire and it makes a significant difference to their lifestyle. >> there is so much versatility and free choice built into the exhibit. every stall axises be installed adjacent to it. >> of the space features 2 yards of seven poles.
-- the space features 2 yards of that swimming pools. there is also a new restraint device used mainly for administering medication and there is even an exercise trail. >> it covers almost -- the exhibit is about raising awareness for an endangered species. there are not many of these asian elephants left. >> people come to the zoo and a fall in love with the elephants. they want to do what they can do to help. >> they are planning to expand the exhibit even further. town -- cannot coming up, a walker of an announcement. burger king is being sold. >> to hear the people -- that things people say about my husband that are not true, it is
very painful. >> adrian fenty's ♪ [ male announcer ] new inventory. ♪ new equipment. new trucks. new hires. ♪ new space. ♪ new markets. achievement seizes new opportunity. go to to see how we can help your cash flow situation. pnc. for the achiever in us all.
>> you are watching abc 7 news at 5:00, on your side. the discovery shooter was ordered to pay it -- state 500 feet from the discovery building after his arrest >> and his brother talk to abc news about
his brother's actions. >> it is definitely out of character and i thought it was insanity. i was sad to know that he was killed. a yesterday's events set off social media frenzy. >> abc 7 was the first station on tv would beat story, but twitter beat everyone. -- where did the story, but twitter beat everyone. images of the police sniper in the parking garage, discovery workers on the inside looking out, employees evacuating. the tweet themselves may be the first describing cops with guns drawn at the silver spring building. he is twitter as its chief source of news gathering and
sharing. >> one of my friends did something about how twitter seemed like it was under hostage. >> he had plenty of company. twitter usage hit about 16,000 people in the 3:00 hour. she is a social media producer for our new web site, >> everyone is a reporter. people who know people. >> since not everyone is a journalist, credibility is a concern. crawled sourcing quickly corrected the mistake -- crowd sourcing quickly corrected the mistake. he believes this was the most thoroughly covered local story
on twitter in its core year existence. temne a grammy-winning recording artist and his wife are now facing drug charges. ti was stopped in west hollywood last night. they were arrested for possession of a controlled substance. and he was just released from prison in march after serving time for a federal weapons charge. the whole of the walker has a new owner. they will sell itself to a private equity firm for about $4 billion. of the buyout sent the burger chain stocks up. frustrated pepco customers will get a chance to voice their concerns. the puck -- the maryland
commission will hold another hearing. the hearing begins at 6:00. it is on the campus of prince george's community college in largo. the historic howard theater is about to undergo a renovation. the theater is going to be restored to the way it looked when it opened a 100 years ago. the howard was the nation's first full-sized theater for african-american audiences and entertainers. you want to be traveled -- prepared for delays if you want to travel on route 7. there'll be a late shift. the land to be shifted as much as 60 feet to accommodate the dullest metro rail project. construction begins at 9:00 tonight. it is time now for the traffic situation. >> you will see some slow
traffic in the normal places in maryland. clearly not as bad as it has been in the last couple of weeks. delays coming out of virginia from tyson's corner. a little better as you can see on the outer loop. this is the beltway at river road, not as bad coming out of 270. in virginia, the delays are pretty normal, from springfield. you will see some more delays across the river bridge. big problems on the 14th street bridge earlier. you are seeing things moving pretty well moving out of d.c. and moving into d.c. coming up, is this popular diaper causing severe diaper rash is? >> george clooney goes for an international audience this weekend.
>> 6:00, at nearly $1 billion, that is the price tag for fixing the metro system after last year's deadly collision.
at george clooney is back in
action on the big screen this weekend. >> i will answer the question that i know you want to know, he looks great. >> that is a good one. >> there is something else coming up on this report that you both like. "the american" is about an assassin on one last job. it feels like an early 1960's european feel. george clooney must hide in plain sight while plotting a murder and avoiding the hit man that has a target on his back. >> i was looking for you. >> i am here. >> he does some romancing. it is the mayor and longer and more international than usual. even those bloodstains cannot take the chill off the slow, brooding story.
best bets for the weekend, "the other guys," "the girl who played with a fireafire." if you like george clooney, you'll like this. >> ok. no rush to get there. ok. thank you. have a wonderful weekend coming up next, getting more sleep could actually keep you alive long for. >> an investigation into one of alive long for. >> an investigation into one of
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at carmax. now more than ever, the smart choice is carmax. the way car buying should be. tonight, we provide you with the exclusive look into one of the district's drug treatment programs. what you are about to see may distribute. >> we have uncovered widespread than collect of the city's drug addicts. it happened inside a home.
>> the center has been run by a private company, but paid for in regulated by the d.c. government. there have been serious lapses and oversight. -- lapses in oversight. is confessional, apologies from a man broken by alcohol abuse. >> it has destroyed everything that i ever started. >> it is a for-profit we have a home run by federal and city recovery services. it contained numerous cries for help barrett may 15, residents complained about a lack of food supply. june 30, complained of inadequate drinking water supply. inspectors found on cooked meat loaf. >> we need to hold those people
accountable. this is tax payers might. >> as this cabbaged for food, they're home seem to crumble from within. a report from july 2, a 2009, list title appealing over an entire bathroom wall. carpet's a badly worn. abc 7 contained hidden damage -- camera footage of broken toilets. then there were the bedbugs. complete came in march, may, jim, and november of 2009. >> most of the time, not even that. >> mike miller was let go earlier this year. he talked about the conditions while still working there. watchst of them do not get t
cloths and towels. >> men have also been denied basic hygiene items. >> i felt bad about the guy is living in what they were living in. >> he was just part of the mission. equally important was helping residents to prepare for a normal life. on december 15, counselors were not providing regular one to one individual sessions. that violation surfers repeatedly last year. >> we are saying, trust us. we are here to serve you. and then we live. we take the money and we get paid and we house them. >> we sat down with henry pierce, the owner. he denied allegations of men not receiving hygiene items. >> a lot of these allegations
were trumped up because they have an ax to grind with the organization. >> a he admitted to shortcomings in the inspection report. >> i will take the hit. a year ago, a lot of my processes failed. a year ago, a lot of things that we did on the inside failed. it made as get a little bit more diligent. i think we have improved dramatically over time. >> over time, it appears that improvements were made. inspectors have cited failures at the facility for years. the d.c. government will is paid more it -- paid the company more than $3 million. not long dark -- not long after, he relapsed. his family gave up. >> they do not trust me anymore.
they do not trust me at all. >> district and federal officials now confirm all issues have been resolved by the company. they say they will be keeping a close watch on federal city in the months ahead. >> keep us posted. everyone knows how a importance lepus to layperson's help, but many people do not know that the continual lack of sleep can actually be life- threatening. a new study found that chronic insomniacs as associated with an increased risk of death and an end. female insomniacs did not show the same correlation. >> the investigation into a new type of pampers diaper is now complete and the findings be put some parents minds at ease. they cannot find any link between pampers diapers and severe diaper rash is. parents have complained that the new diapers cause skin
irritation. it also cannot rule out that maybe some babies might react differently to the new product. more secrets of your mind. go inside the operating room as a neurosurgeon performs a miraculous procedure. see what happens when a brain aneurysm burst during surgery and the doctors have seconds to save a life. that is on a special "nightline her." gordon peterson, live in the newsroom. >> we have the latest from the gunmen and the discovery channel. development continue at this hour. he is one of maryland's most powerful politicians, but today he says he is stepping aside as chairman of the state and federal budget committee. those stories and more, new at 6:00. >> see you in just a bit. let's check in with doug hill, who is keeping an eye on
the weather and the hurricanes. >> hurricane earl is the subject of the day today. it continues to move off to the north at about 16 miles per hour, maybe a little bit to the east. that is good news. the storm has weakened a bit. strong, gusty winds are guaranteed. the radar shows the heavy concentrated rain just offshore. to the north of that, you are seeing some clouds of the raider is picking up. just off to the east of the storm's center where the wind are out of the east south least -- east, southeast. it is a powerful storm still, but it will pass just far enough off sure that we will be in good shape. -- off of the shore that we will be in good shape. iran the metro area, it has been a hot, sunny day.
-- around the metro area, it has been a hot, sunny day. today was the 59 times this year we have hit 90 or higher. that tied the all-time record in second place. tomorrow, it looks like another 90 degree day. partly cloudy and hot, and little bit breezy, but once we get the holiday weekend, it will be gorgeous and cool. once the beaches get rid of hurricane earl, the beaches look terrific as well. that is the very latest. cannot is final addition to night. >> you will not see a lot of the starters tonight. the redskins played their final exhibition game tonight in arizona. it is the last game for 22 guys. rex grossman may play, but john is the story. the young quarterback signed a
two-year contract extension. he should be pumped up to play tonight. >> it is prepared that we can go out and play. that is really all it is about. when you have fun, you play your best. i do not try to over think the situation. i just go out and play football. >> nyger morgan is the big story today. he faces a long suspension by major league baseball. last night's brawl set a tough week for him. he gets close lines. morgan was suspended seven games last wednesday for getting into it with a fan and then the spread he just laid out cardinals catcher saturday night. he ran over the marlins catcher and separated his shoulder. it is just not good for nyger morgan.
>> we are working inside and we are controlling the best tonight. it happens on the field. it is over with now >> i do not know if it is over with yet. college football season kicks off tonight. look at the boise state house training. they carry bags of potatoes up the stairs. idaho guys. keep an eye on them. tomorrow night, at 8:00, our college football special. we will preview the game for you. we will take you to bobby batons house. that is tomorrow at 8:00. house.y bowden's up next, mayor adrian fenty's
emotions are running high as the d.c. primary nears. >> sam ford is live from northwest washington. >> michele fenty says she is going to take a more active role in the campaign, perhaps to soften demerits' image. in an incident yesterday been much discussed today, she became emotional when talking about her husband. >> the whole point of his actions are very difficult. >> her anguish made youtube. reactions seem to depend upon their votes. >> i am in adrian fenty supporters so i feel the same way she does. >> i am sorry she is upset, but i think then spray will do a
better job. -- voncent gray. >> the polls are so striking to me. to hear that things that people are saying about my husband that i know are not true, it is very painful. >> alison starling featured hurt in the working women's series. >> he was a very kind and considerate person, which i found to be extremely attractive. >> they were married in 1997 and had three children. since the election, she has stayed out of the limelight. >> are we going to see more of you over the next couple of weeks? >> absolutely. >> on the street, some voters were skeptical of the timing. some nights. >> we should have heard her
beautiful accent before now. >> he may not be my candidate of choice, but i have no problem with her saying what she feels she needs to say. >> as for vincent gray, he is a wood door. his wife of 27 years died 12 years ago of cancer. he has two adult children and two grandchildren. he did seem a little off, in little unstable. tonight, at 6:00, the mind-set of a militant brand new details tonight on james lee, who he was and where he lived. we will talk to those who knew him. hurricane earl is taking aim at the east coast. we will have live reports. in other oil rig explosion, a fallout from the blast. captioned by the national captioning institute